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Privacy Policy

Holker Watkin Limited makes every effort to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and is committed to protecting the privacy of every person who shares personal information with us.  This privacy policy sets out how we collect and use information provided by clients, candidates or anyone else we work with.

Information we collect

Holker Watkin Limited collects information about individuals in order to be able to provide executive search and project search services to candidates and clients.

Under the GDPR regulations 2018, holding relevant personal information for the purposes of providing executive search and project search services falls under the legitimate interest provision.  This means that in order to provide these services to you, it is necessary that we hold information about you and use it to identify potential opportunities for individuals, and potential candidates for career opportunities.

Depending on how far an individual progresses with an opportunity, the information we hold can be sourced from:

We only hold information that is relevant to our providing executive search services or project search services. This could comprise:

We may also verify the personal information we hold such as qualifications, work performance and check references. References are usually those provided by the individual but can also be via our own network.  We never contact your current employer without specific express permission.

We do not seek or hold information that is not relevant to proving job search services such as:

We do in some instances track demographic information such as gender, where hiring companies wish to confirm and ensure their hiring is consistent with their equality and diversity policies.

As we often work with people over many years, working with them on career or project opportunities and providing general career advice, we retain the personal information we hold unless you ask us to delete it.


How we use personal information

Executive search and Project search services

We use your personal information to act in your legitimate interests by identifying if career opportunities or projects would be of relevance and interest to you.

Where we believe this to be the case, we will either contact you to discuss the opportunity or confidentially test the suitability of your profile with the hiring company. We will not formally introduce you to a hiring company for a project or career opportunity without your consent.

There may be instances where we need to transfer your personal information outside the European Economic Area (EEA), for example if the hiring company is located outside the EEA.  In these situations, we either confirm first that the receiving company conforms with the GDPR provisions or equivalent (as set out in the regulations) or we will obtain your consent to this transfer in advance.

Provision of news and updates on Holker Watkin services and general career management advice

We aim to assist individuals in managing their careers and hiring managers in making recruitment decisions through the provision of advice and perspectives on these topics.  We may send you information on these topics from time to time.

Compilation of aggregate salary data or other survey data

From time to time, we may compile aggregate data on the market to aid in the executive search services we provide.  Any data aggregated in this way will have all personal identification data removed.  For example, this may be done to support hiring companies address their diversity needs.


Information storage and access

All the personal information we hold is stored on our proprietary database.  Only Holker Watkin employees can access this database and we make every effort to store this information securely.  We never sell personal information to third parties.

Outside Holker Watkin, your personal information may be disclosed to:

We make every effort to ensure the information we hold is accurate and up-to-date.  All Holker Watkin employees receive training on data privacy and security to ensure that personal information is held and used securely and appropriately.   If any privacy breach of your personal information occurs, we will inform you and take all possible steps to rectify.


Your rights

Subject to verifying your identity, you can ask to see what information we hold about you and can request that we correct any inaccuracies or that we remove the information we hold.  We would only retain sufficient information to prevent future contact, maintain a record of information previously shared with clients and ensure we meet any legal requirement that may apply.  If you inform us that you do not wish us to hold your personal information, we will not be able to provide you with career or project search services, or to provide any general career advice.  You can contact us via the contact details at the end of this notice.


Website related data

We gather information and statistics collectively about all visitors to our website – for example, which areas and services are most frequently accessed. We only use such data in the aggregate form and no data is personally identifiable. This information helps us continually improve our website to create a better overall experience for visitors.

We do not employ the use of Cookies.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be changed by Holker Watkin at any time. If we change our privacy policy in the future, we will set out those changes here, so that you will always know what personal information we gather, the purposes we might use it for and to whom we might disclose it. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns about Holker Watkin’s privacy commitment, please e-mail us or call us (contact details are below).


How to contact us

If you wish to contact us for any reason relating our privacy policy or your personal information, please telephone: +44 (0)20 8947 5400 or email: datacontroller@holkerwatkin.com